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Hello. I am Sakinah B., Your Pocket Health Coach. I am here to answer those spur of the moment questions that come out of the blue and to help you stay on the health journey track. Let me help you and your family get your health back on track.

Here is what is included:

  • The opportunity to talk one-on-one with me monthly for video coaching (1 – 30-minute session each month)
  • 3 message correspondences via email each month
  • 7 menus included each month of enrollment
  • 10 % off virtual cooking classes & products during your subscription period.

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Need more than a quick answer? I create tailor-made packages to fit you and your family’s health and wellness needs. Let’s chat. Click here to check out my other services. 

More Client Testimonials

I had no idea how much I would need and rely on my personal Health and Wellness Coach. She helped me a great deal with health problems, including a rare neurological disorder.

More importantly, she helped me navigate the stress of relocating (2x), identifying other stressors in my relationships, job, and home life.

- Lisa Jackson

 I can’t believe how much I’ve learned about food, food shopping, nutrition and so much more. I am 64 and amazed by how little I actually knew about those things.

- Brenda Reul

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