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If you clicked on this article, you are most likely wondering what a health coach does. Maybe the difference between a health coach and a doctor is not clear to you. Maybe you wonder if your insurance or lack thereof stands in between you and true wellness. Maybe you’re not sure what to expect at all. Well, buckle up buttercup! It’s time for some answers.


First, working with a holistic health coach is not the same as working with a doctor. You do not need insurance or any kind of background check, only a spirit of transparency. In today’s day-and-age, the medical establishment moves at the speed of lightening. Your doctor’s primary job is to make you aware of the problem and prescribe a basic remedy with the information they have directly in front of them.


As your coach, I help you comb through multiple facets of your life including emotions, finances, self talk, and daily habits to help you discover what is keeping you sick. Additionally, if you don’t understand your diagnosis, I put it in layman’s terms and provide optional solutions from multiple angles.



For example, you might go to the doctor with a headache. She might prescribe you some medication and tell you to stop drinking sodas. You and I would work to discover your unique root problem rather than a popular solution.


As a health coach, I help you get intentional about your choices. It’s not just about a drill sergeant barking at you to eat more grass, seeds, and beans. I’d never make you eat beans, but if that’s your kind of thing, more power to you! 


Together we address your relationship with your primary foods. I’m not talking about stashed snacks and hoagies you’d duck into the bulletproof-windowed shop for. Your primary foods are your:


  • Environment (home, career, friends)

  • Physical activity

  • Spirituality


These elements have an equal impact on your short and long-term health. Making sure you have a solid relationship with these areas of your life boosts the longevity of your success. 


In my medical background, we were taught to treat symptoms, not heal the root of the problem. In my holistic coaching program, you and I will not treat symptoms and patch problems, I help you understand your unique body and how to read it. You are investing in information that is not cookie-cutter from a university textbook. It is evergreen and unique to you. You will become an expert in YOU


How Does It Work?


The first step is to realize good enough is not acceptable. Your family needs you. You need your family. The people in our lives are invaluable and irreplaceable. YOU are invaluable and irreplaceable! It is time to live the life you envision. It is time to put on your super cute secret agent glasses to see the world that exists all around you. Stop missing it, take ownership of it. The magical reality of wellness is yours. 



Next, you must be ready to commit. Commit like your child’s life depends on it. Because it does. I would have never made such drastic changes to my way of living on my own. Subtle side effects in my daughter were quietly building up to be big things. I found out years later that her constant colic and crying during infancy was the foundation of her immune system being torn apart, which would develop into a gluten sensitivity, which would tear at the lining of her stomach and inflame her which would worsen her allergies, cause her crippling depression as she got older and so on. The ripple effect of the ignored signs was not worth the convenience of microwave meals and fast food. 


What you learn in our sessions is recyclable information that will change your family in mind, body, and spirit for generations to come. The healing that takes place in your overall well-being improves the overall wellbeing of your family lineage. 


Finally, you must understand that I am not your health preacher. I am here to listen to you, understand where you are coming from, why you make the decisions you do. I am your health advocate and educator. I share the information I have learned through trial, error, case studies, and more. What you do with the information is one hundred percent up to you!




How Do We Work Together?



Oh, sista love, there are many ways to join the movement to creative wellness! 


You can join my email community to be notified whenever I’m cooking with my virtual friends live-that includes you. If you have a specific taste or theme in mind, you can schedule a private cooking class where you choose the style of the class. Allergen substitutions are also available. 


If you’re looking for more of a deep dive into wellness literacy, a wide range of quick and easy recipes, lifestyle tips, and a community of like-minded women, join one of our challenges! They are fun, profound, and transformative. Juandalyn shares her experience from the Sugar Detox challenge below.



If you are ready for bio-individual guidance made specifically for your body, lifestyle, and health history, you can look into my 1:1 coaching program. In your initial consultation, we get to know each other, address your goals, and see if we are a good match. 


I am always upfront with my clients. The Lord said the truth will set you free and I am not about to tell you pretty lies to preserve your ego. We will get real, but understand that it is balanced with compassion, optimism, and zero judgment. I am loving you to life! I am here to empower you.


If and when you are ready to pick a package, our contractual agreement entitles you to:


  • Direct message access to me

  • Client confidentiality (what we talk about stays between us unless you decide to share. No one has to know you are my client)

  • Bonus materials to ensure optimal success on your wellness journey

  • A set amount of sessions (we meet bi-weekly)



If after the consultation, you decide we are not a good fit, I invite you to be open about it but encourage you still to work with a holistic coach. There is so much fabricated, and misinformation on the topic of health. From the idea that spraying Windex in your unmentionables balances your pH levels, to the more popular false gospel that cow’s milk is nutritious, and depression has nothing to do with food, there is a world of life-breathing information to learn and a guide in this journey makes your life easier, longer, and significantly less stressful. 


Bringing the family back to the table,

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