Why is it so hard to stop eating sugar? You might be well aware of its toxic effects like weight gain, rapid, intensified aging, dry skin, and so on. Even if you are already struggling with the blaring health effects of sugar, why can’t you seem to kick it for good?! 


Sugar is a highly addictive substance. It is more addictive than crack cocaine and heroin combined. Think of a heroin addict’s road to recovery. They say they’re going to quit, and they might mean it in their hearts. Often, they sincerely yearn to quit. They feel like they have to sell their souls to satisfy their needs. They can decide in their minds that they want to stop, but after being strung out and medicated by their substance of choice for so long, the road to recovery can seem hopeless. Eventually, many drug addicts lose faith in themselves and any method of help. They decide it is more comfortable and convenient to die of their addiction. 


If this sounds dramatic, think of someone diagnosed with a life-threatening health condition. We’ll name this person Gina. Let’s say Gina receives a diagnosis of high blood pressure. The doctor tells her that she can easily fix her condition by cutting out flavored coffee, sodas, and the extra slice of cake at night. This advice is not medically sound but stick with me for the sake of the point. 


Gina has it pretty easy; she only has to cut out three things. She is used to having at least one coffee every morning, but it’s not that big of a deal; it’s just a drink, right? She decides eliminating coffee to get healthy for her children is a worthy cause. She knows why, so it will be a piece of cake without the cake, of course. 


As you might assume, it does not turn out to be a figurative piece of cake. It becomes more of a hot sauce and peanut butter pie—a complete disaster. Coffee is what makes her Gina! She cannot be a kind person without that precious 8oz mug of Columbian Dark roast with four tablespoons of creamer and a tablespoon of sugar! The first day she tries, she has no energy and is irritable and snappy to her kids and coworkers. The next day, her poor husband nearly loses his life asking, “What’s for breakfast?” and the kids get locked in the backyard so she can find her peace without going off on them too. 



She begins to reason with herself. This situation will not work, so she can continue drinking the coffee with a healthier alternative to sugar like Splenda or agave nectar and cut the creamer. She feels much better, but her heart does not, just like a drug addict. Swapping meth for cocaine is still damaging and unhealthy. They are not in a better place; they are still on their way to THE “better place”-heaven by death. 




Have you been in Gina’s shoes? Does your attempt to quit sugar sound like hers? Mine did.


I’m going to be completely transparent with you. Sometimes, the trap gets me too. I am not perfect. If I am left alone with plain new york style cheesecake, the chances of it being there an hour later are slim-to-none. It is a struggle.


You can choose to purge your house of all products with processed and added sugars, but what happens when you’re scrolling Facebook, and you see an ad for the cheeseburger you’ve been working to convince yourself you don’t miss? How are you going to get through your decaffeinated droughts and late-night food fantasies? You can tell yourself willpower is enough, but that is a load of crap, and you know it. 


This is what you are going to do, my friend. 


Cliche as it may sound, the first step is acknowledging you have a problem. Hundreds of millions, if not billions of us, are struggling with sugar’s harsh effects and addiction behaviors. Know that you are not alone, but you have the power to break free and wake up to a life void of substance oppression. 


Similar to drug addiction, to quit, you need a plan. Processed and added sugars are into our diets almost from birth. From formulas and baby foods to the “healthy” snack bars, cereals, and instant meals, processed sugars have most likely been a part of your life for the long haul. It is not an accident either. There is an unbelievable amount of money in the sugar agenda. 


Sugar is addictive, so you need to buy more food to curb your hunger. Cha-ching! It causes countless medical problems from hormonal imbalance to a compromised immune system, autoimmune diseases, cancer, diabetes, neurological disorders, you name it. In 2018, the cancer industry banked over one hundred twenty-three BILLION DOLLARS! Imagine repealing such a fat paycheck. The industry knows we know, and they don’t care because they know that a food logo can bring us to the brink of a mental breakdown. They carry no shame either. Welcome to the ugly truth. 


The journey to freedom is much easier when surrounded by like-minded people who will encourage you, share their stories, reinforce the wellness mindset, and help cheer you on to your end goal. You need a guide who will help you through the psychological struggles that come with commanding a habit to break. You must implement and strengthen a sustainable mindset. 





This is why I created the Sugar Detox with SakinahB.   You can begin to overcome your compulsions in just three weeks if you work on your mindset and remain transparent with yourself throughout the process. You have me as your guide to help you heal through mindset practices, delicious recipes, and a safe space to have fun and be transparent. You get to share your experiences, recipes, fantastic detox-approved grocery store finds, and more in the sugar detox group. You receive healing and freedom that lasts.  

The cat is out of the bag. Your sugar addiction is not your fault, but every day you ignore your problem is a choice to remain enslaved.  The ball is now in your court, my friend. What will you decide? Will you continue in enslavement or choose a life of freedom for you and your family?


Bringing the family back to the table,


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