When we think of wellness, we associate eating right, drinking tons of water, and exercising. If you’re like me before I began my wellness journey, you probably think you have to starve yourself, eat grass, and drink your weight in water, so you try to make the change overnight. 

The best kept secret to lasting wellness is that you don’t need to change overnight and you really shouldn’t try! In Darren Hardy’s The Compound Effect, he discusses the dangers of beginning drastic new habits all at once. When you force your body to do what your mind isn’t ready for, you expend far more energy, unnecessary stress, and quickly burnout. 

I’m letting you in on some of my greatest mindset shifts that granted me the desire to maintain wellness while pushing me in the direction of countless advancements in growth in nearly every aspect of my life. 

1. Acknowledge Self Worth

It is so easy to play the comparison game. I regularly tell my clients to stop thinking about what they’re giving up, and get excited about what they’re implementing. The same goes for your very being. You cannot fully appreciate your gifts when you dwell on all that you don’t have. 

It is crazy to realize that “social norms” are nothing but opinions. Instead of relying on “normal” opinions, make your own! When you learn to fall madly in love with your life, all that you have, and the millions of things that make you beautiful from the inside out, you will not only reap the funneled benefits of contentment, but you will take better care of yourself in order to care for your loved ones and highest priorities. 

2. Believe In The Power Of One

When it comes to emotional changes in life such as improving your health, you might try to do it ALL. You might plan to run 3 times a week, do yoga twice a week, cook 3 keto meals every day, and practice intermittent fasting for fast results when you’re used to zero exercise a week and fast food for the majority of your meals. This is dangerous. It might be fun for a while…or a torturous time you’re telling yourself it’s fun. That is emotionally abusive and unsustainable.

Instead of becoming Usain Bolt, Bobby Flay, and an ultra spiritual yogi overnight, pacing yourself is vital; otherwise, you’ll become the most spiritual being possible… *cue the angels singing and the Lord welcoming you home*

Learning to implement new things in baby steps is the difference between a fad and a lifestyle. If you want to drop some weight for a few weeks, the microwave-style results will do the trick. If you want a body that is trim, fit, and healthy for the remainder of your life, you will need to give yourself grace and patience. Instead of becoming “perfect” in a day, drink an extra glass of water every week until you are used to drinking the adequate amount. Buy one or two organic whole foods from the grocery store to test in the kitchen. Better yet, if you’re not used to cooking regularly, get accustomed to cooking one day a week. Get excited about those meals, but don’t try to overdo it. You are powerful when you start one good habit. That one habit will tip the first domino in a trail of better habits. 

3. Master The Art of Mercy

This one is for my “All or Nothing” mamas. Do you ever have moments where you’re nagging your kids about something they didn’t do or something they shouldn’t have done, then realize they deserve some mercy after a while? You are human just like them and you deserve the same mercy. 

If you catch yourself spiraling into a contemptuous rant at yourself whenever you feel you’ve fallen short of your best, this is vital to your long-term success in almost every new endeavor. Going back to the rule of one, you cannot beat yourself up every time you don’t meet your expectations. Life happens. Slip-ups are not the end of the road. It’s exhausting trying to uphold perfection every single day for the rest of your life. 

4. Make Goals You Are Passionate About

One of my favorite things to do at least once to twice a year is dreaming on paper! You might find it helpful to make a vision board where you write down your goals, put pictures with each written goal and hang it up somewhere you can see it. I have found these boards to be incredibly effective. I’ve made one every year since 2007 and each year I achieve at least half of my goals. Progress is a step in the direction of perfection. 

5. Create Affirmations

The last nuggets of wisdom I will leave you with is the culmination of everything I have shared so far. Affirmations can sound wishy washy, but I promise you they work. Write down goals in every area of your life and affirm it in the present tense. Think of fears or habits that might block you from your goal and dispel the lie in your mind. 

For example, if you want to be more patient with yourself but you are afraid of outside opinions triggering your negative thoughts, your affirmation might sound like this:

“I love who I am. I am valuable and my thoughts toward myself are kind and true. I am worthy of the time I take to heal and grow.”

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