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“OMG!!! What an AMAZING experience!!! I had a great time today! Sakinah Bunch thank you for instructing us with patience and love!! I highly recommend Cleangoodeats for your girls day out or the couples Intimacy Starts in the kitchen class you will not be disappointed!!!!”- Ericka B.


“Very informative and knowledgeable about healthy eating and the recipes are simple and DELICIOUS!”

– Stephanie P.


These words do not compare to the changes I felt in my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. I am more joyful, focused, and motivated. I am managing my moods & body ailments with clean(er) eating and the use of essential oils. Lastly, I have a daily attitude of gratitude.
I highly recommend attending the Reset Health to Wellness Retreat next year! The results are A-MAZING!!!
– Felicia P.


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Legacy Begins in the Kitchen

Sakinah B. – Integrative Nutrition Health Coach in the Media.


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Holiday Meals Simplified

Holiday Meals Simplified

Precious traditions are approaching this holiday season! This is the time of year when our stoves, ovens, sinks, and dishwashers see the most love they’ll see all year. Whether you’re the faithful host, the fill-in for the original cook, or anywhere in between, you understand that this time of year is serious when it comes to the food.

How Do We Reach The Next Generation?

How Do We Reach The Next Generation?

“It is much easier to create from a blank slate than it is to fix a fiasco.”- Sakinah Bunch I had a coach who would tell me it is easier to build from scratch than to attempt to repair something that has been broken for a while. It becomes rusted and set in its ways....

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