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Welcome to

Sugar Detoxing

with Sakinah B.

Welcome to the Sugar Detox Program. I am so glad that you have made this decision for your health. It is my pleasure to spend the next 28 days with you helping you to achieve your goal of detoxing from sugar.

Not sure if the Sugar Detox is for you?

Do you suffer from the following:

  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Joint pain
  • Weight gain or unsustained weight loss
  • Brain fog
  • Mood swings
  • And more

Then you may be dealing with a sugar overload in need of detoxification.

What we offer

This ain’t yo mama’s detox!

 Mind renewing. 

Life changing. 

  Sugar Detox Reset

This program is designed to assist you in detoxifying your body from sugar and processed foods and ingredients. 


A Sugar Detox video of encouragement and instruction hosted and guided by Sakinah B. giving you tips on how to navigate your 28-day detox

Grocery List & Recipes

  • 45 Sugar Detox recipes – to get you started
  • 10 Breakfast recipes
  • 10 Lunch/dinner recipes
  • 10 Side dish recipes
  • 3 Dessert recipes
  • 5 Snack recipes
  • 7 Condiment /sauce recipes

Daily Journal

  • Daily step-by-step instruction and motivation to support you, a great companion to the Detox videos
  • Nutritional breakdown of approved foods
  • Sugar Detox Plan Indicator – to help you determine your meal plan level
  • Meal portion recommendations

Facebook Group

  • You will have access to the Detox Facebook group 24/7. The purpose is for you to have a place that is more private than our main Facebook page to ask your questions and be a part of the sugar detox community.

Juandalynn H.

Lisa J.

More of What Our Clients Are Saying…

I was working on a video shoot at work and a co-worker sent me a picture. I asked him why he sent it to me and who it was. He laughed and told me to look at it. It took me a few minutes and then I realized it was me! The sugar detox has been amazing for me beyond my wildest imagination. – Omar B.
What the sugar detox did for me is it reset my sugar-loving tastebuds back to normal. The detox also gave my body a chance to reset from all the sugar I’d been consuming. Trying to eat processed foods again after this detox made my body feel sick, so I stay away from those foods now, especially soda. The things that I learned from this sugar detox are things that will stay with me for the rest of my life. – Erica S.
Sakinah, you have such a pure soul and loving heart. You will prosper! What you provide is life for your clients. Nay, a better life. I know you have enriched mine in just the 5 days we were in a challenge together…even with all my obstacles in the way, I was still able to acquire a skill I wanted, but had no idea where to start. You did that! – Tina M.
Stop going on your merry-go-round, roller coaster ride. Use a proven done for you system that will assist you in lowering your toxin load, reducing your sugar cravings, and increasing your energy level. 


Q: Do I need to buy special food for this detox?

A: You will eat regular food that you can purchase from any grocery store. Yes, the types of food you will buy may change, but no specialty foods are required for this detox.

Q: Can I do this detox without it being in a group setting?

A: Yes, we have 2 levels of detoxing to suit your need.

  • Sugar Detox Individual 
  • Sugar Detox VIP – Group setting with live coaching 
  • The duration of both is 28 days

Q: What should I expect from this detox?

A: Each participant is an individual; therefore, individual results may vary. Overall our clients have expressed a reduction in inflammation, insomnia, fatigue, and an increase in focus, energy, and mobility*. Oh, and I may have forgotten to mention that pesky side effect of weight loss. Lol. 

You can also expect 

  • Weekly videos to keep you motivated  
  • A journal to keep you on track 
  • A recipe guide that will give tasty meal ideas for you and the whole family

Q: What is the difference between the DIY and VIP detox programs?

A: The DIY program is designed for those who have a good grasp of eating healthy and for self-starters (and finishers). It is for those who just need assistance in the right combination of foods to eat, and desire a more generalized group accountability, without the commitment of a more structured environment.

The VIP is for those who need a more guided approach and more individualized accountability. There is live weekly coaching with recordings to reference at your leisure. Q&A opportunities, a smaller group to be accountable to, an in-depth grocery store tour, and the coveted cooking class taught by Sakinah B. that will help you to focus your efforts for maximum efficacy during and after the detox.

Q: What if my family doesn’t want to do the detox with me?

A: No problem. The recipes we have in our guide can suit the entire family, and we give you ideas on how to make it suit all members of your family. If you need help or other ideas we have provided a Facebook Community group to help. 

Q: If I choose the Sugar Detox VIP am I able to receive one-on-one coaching?

A: The VIP Sugar Detox has live group coaching. Of course, we are here to assist you. We have one-on-one coaching and upgrades for our sugar detox program services. If you would like more information about this please contact us here

Q: If I am not satisfied is there a refund?

A: Once a product has been delivered to your inbox, unfortunately, there is no refund. We have carefully crafted each product to assist you in your journey to health. Please check the overview of the product selected carefully to make sure you are purchasing the program that would best suit your need. We are always available and welcome your questions about any of our products and services here.

Q: May I do this detox with a friend?

A: Yes, yes, and YES! We encourage you to do this detox with a friend. There is success in numbers. An accountability partner is great, but one who will walk the detox road with you is a keeper. We just advise that you choose your buddy carefully. Make sure he or she is an encourager to you to help you achieve the highest level of success possible. 

*Results may vary from person to person. No particular results guaranteed. This detox is not designed as a medicinal detox or cure for any ailment or disease. Please see your doctor to make sure you are well enough before embarking upon any type of detox program.


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