Sugar Detox Cooking Class

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We Believe In healthy  Incredible flavors

Our cooking classes are entertaining, interactive, and appetizing.

Fried chicken stips

Want a new way to make fried chicken that won’t spike your sugar levels and gives you a plethora of nutrition?

Apple pie smoothie

Have a sweet tooth, but you are avoiding sugar? Learn how to satisfy the craving for texture, flavor, and appetite.


It’s all about the sauce! When you are detoxing, your tastebuds change to taste EVERY flavor you present. Give your tastebuds something tantalizing to talk about with this avocado mayo.

Didn’t make the registration deadline for the Sugar Detox with Sakinah B., but would love to join this class?

In this Class you will

  • Learn how to prepare 3 sugar detox recipes from scratch within 30 minutes


  • Discover tips and hacks to breaking your addiction to sugar and making your transition easier


  • Understand the 3 key principles that have been holding you back from kicking the sugar habit up until now


*Each participant is responsible for purchasing their own food items.

Details & Registration

When: Thursday, January 14, 2021

Time: 8 pm

Where: Zoom from the comfort of your kitchen



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