Get the inside scoop on how to have

  • Lasting energy
  • Lose weight
  • Beat cravings
  • Sleep better
  • Avoid inflammation

by cleansing your body from sugar.

We reveal in this program, the missing tools needed to experience freedom from sugar.

There is no sugarcoating here. I supply you with the tips and tools necessary to help you successfully rid yourself of sugar through your detox and beyond.

90-Day Holistic Reset 

I know how hard it can be to break away from unhealthy habits. I know how hard it was for me! Let me help you get your health back, your energy back, your life back, and you won’t have to go through deprivation to do it.

With all the information out there it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and give up.

Don’t worry, I will demystify it for you! Let the 90-Day Reset take that weight off your shoulders and leave all the guesswork of what, when, and how to eat behind.


Do you:

  • Want to learn how to cook, or at least look like you know your way around the kitchen?
  • Want to discover how to create healthy alternatives and budget-friendly meals?
  • Yearn to have an eating style that is designed for optimal health?

Then our cooking classes are for you.



Looking for budget-friendly coaching in a small intimate group atmosphere?

Our group coaching sessions are purposefully personalized to give you the quality and attention you deserve at a price that is easy on your budget.


Sometimes you may have issues that cannot be comfortably addressed in a group setting. We have tailored coaching that will help you dig deep and get to the root of the dilemma and not just address or pacify symptoms, so you can get back to living and getting the most out of your life.

iHeal Monthly

Membership Community

Do you:

  • Don’t know what, when, or how to eat for optimal health? 
  • Are you tired of wasting money on ineffective quick fixes that only patch the problem or make it worse?

What if someone walked alongside you to help you expose the “health” lies, and teach you how to quickly prepare healthy, delicious food for your entire household beyond grass and seeds?

Sounds like heaven, right?

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