Happy 2022! Although a specific day in time doesn’t promise the transformations you dream of, your intentional actions and global motivation can! I’m sure you and everyone around you have goals. You and millions of people probably promised to hit the gym 3 times a week and eat healthy every single day this year. You might even step out on faith with a gym membership and a kitchen full of whole foods you don’t normally make full meals out of and random snacks that boast about their health benefits on the label. What is going to set you apart from the rest of the wishful resolution makers?

Your “Why.”

Your health means more to you than dropping a few pounds. You realize that your habits don’t only affect you, but the people you love most. They need you. At this point in the game, you have been a caretaker, mother or mother-figure, friend, and lover of life. Those around you love your vibrance and need the energy you exude. 

I remember sitting with my nana as she looked out the window and sighed. When I asked her what was on her mind, she calmly sat back and stated thoughtfully “I know more people dead than alive.” That statement stings now more than ever as I evaluate my life and realize this point in my life arrived faster than I could have imagined. I’m not even 50 yet. Think about it; there are so many precious souls that have left this earth far sooner than necessary and you and I wish that they had the knowledge and tools they needed to still be here right now. 

You might have a long list of reasons for focusing on true wellness, but love and hope are your main sources.


When the going gets tough, plenty of people may decide to tap out with excuses and poor priorities like “now isn’t not a good time.”

The next thing you need to ensure success is your community. I’m not talking about your best friend who will validate your excuses. You know the one. Your girl that you text “We should exercise this morning…” to which she responds “We are exercising…our right to treat ourselves. Let’s try again tomorrow.” That is NOT the friend that helps you make moves. 

Having a friend who will encourage you through your rough spots and help normalize your improved habits is half the battle!

This year, everything we are doing is rooted in these principles. Starting January 3rd, 2022, we kicked off our Sugar Detox Reset, a group of women ready to implement new habits for their own sake, and for generations to come.

This program is near and dear to my heart because it is where I began to realize how heavily food impacts my entire being. From behavioral patterns to everyday aches and pains, I noticed a black and white difference in myself and my family. Less than three days into cleaner eating with significantly reduced sugar, my kids were happier, my husband who experienced unfair amounts of joint pain in the smallest movements could climb stairs and lift weights with little-to-no pain, and we all felt a million times better.

Ever since the beginning of this program, people who stuck with it saw unimaginable results, in some instances, clients were on the edge of a rocky cliff healthwise, and this Sugar Detox Reset saved their lives. 2022 is your year to make sincere change with motivation, intentionality, and support to ease into your transformed lifestyle.

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