When you think of the word RETREAT, what thoughts come to mind? 

If you are like me, I think of early mornings of meditation followed by a quick breakfast, then being in less than stellar sessions all day long until the evening with a pasta/bread-based lunch and dinner thrown in there for good measure to say that we were fed.



Or if you are like many others, you think foot spas, quiet music, and yoga meditation all day. 



Well, if I were to describe the 2022 Reset Health to Wellness Retreat, I would say it was neither of those. 

Here is what it wasn’t:

  • NO early wakeups
  • NO boring food or greasy food
  • NO bunking with someone you don’t know and worse you don’t even like


  • NO kumbayas. Ok, well maybe one kumbaya. 🤣



Here is what it WAS:

  • Wake up at your leisure. Breakfast was ready if you chose to eat it.
  • All meals were farm-to-table delicious AND just so happened to be healthy too!
  • Sessions were focused on what the participants wanted to learn and not what the coordinator thought they should know.
  • Serene, relaxing scenery
  • and so much more.



But don’t take my word for it. Check out the pictures and hear it from the participants themselves.



Can you say FIELD TRIP!!!! We went to the Farmer’s Market and then had an amazing cooking class using the herbs we bought. Who knew you can make a fantabulous meal without using salt, pepper, or sugar??? Oh yes, us now! That’s who.



Then we had our Essential Oils Class. We learned a good deal about the different types of oils, their uses, and how they impact our health. 



We even had private photoshoots! What fun that was. 



This retreat was just what we all needed. From the retreat venue to the stress-relieving techniques we learned, to the delicious nutritious food we ate and so much more. None of us were ready to leave, but we left with so many tools to release the stressors we came there with. Each lady said they couldn’t wait to come to the one in 2023!



I would say that is the mark of a successful retreat!

iHeal Retreat 2023 coming soon.

If you would like to join us in 2023, let’s chat!


Restoring Healthy Relationships with Food, Others & Self,



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