National Kitchen Klutzes Day

Well, here’s something I bet you didn’t know existed: June 13 th is National Kitchen Klutzes Day! This is a day dedicated to those who may be less…savvy in the kitchen, whether it be with cooking or tools. This is a day for people who bake when they should broil or use sugar when they should use salt…FYI, I count people who use sugar in their grits in this “uses sugar when they should use salt” category. Haha, no, I am totally serious. But on this day, I won’t even count it against you. On National Kitchen Klutzes Day, you’re allowed a mistake or two!

I can totally relate to this. I was a kitchen klutz for years, even well into my marriage, so I do sympathize with those who are. If you ever want to hear my horror stories with cooking, check out my book Wife To Be: A Survivor’s Guide for the New & Not-So Newlywed. It proves anyone can change for the better.

Cooking can be an intimidating task for some and don’t even get me started on the use of kitchen utensils. Everything from chopping to food processing becomes a terrifying task when left in the hands of the wrong person. While some people are fine being a kitchen klutz and would rather order takeout or use their ovens for storage, there are some who would love nothing more than to obtain the kind of finesse in the kitchen that would make the Food Network contestants jealous. So, if you have these people in your life, those who would love to learn how to “de-klutz” themselves, or if you’re a kitchen klutz yourself, here are a few suggestions:

1. Don’t take yourself too seriously – Seriously…it’s just cooking, it’s not heart surgery. When you make mistakes in the kitchen, laugh about them, and think of them as stories to share with your friends and family later. Trust me, I have quite a few stories myself, so no worries just dust yourself off and try again.

2. Take a cooking class with a friend or spouse – Cooking classes can be so much fun! I provide them myself and my clients love them! I do single, group, and couple cooking classes. In fact, I have one coming up on June 26th. You can find out more about my classes here.

3. Keep it simple – When you’re trying to learn in the kitchen, start out with something simple like baked chicken or fish. Don’t try to be elaborate and make recipes you saw on TV with complicated sauces and side dishes. You’re only setting yourself up for failure.

4. Learn about different herbs and spices – There are plenty of books you can buy that can teach you about the benefits of using different herbs and spices, health and taste-wise. Yes, there is more to seasoning food than salt and pepper. You’d be surprised at how much using natural herbs can jazz up your cooking! For example, rosemary helps to digest fat. Therefore with more fatty meats like lamb, rosemary is a tasty, yet beneficial option to add.

5. Own a good set of pots, pans, and knives – No matter how horrible you are in the kitchen, having the proper tools makes a world of difference in preparing your food. Plus, you can look cute too. Sometimes a great pan can make all the difference in how your food is cooked. Or if you are like me and like gadgets more than pots and pans, skillets, instant pots, and air fryers may be more up your alley. Many gadgets essentially cook the food for you with much less cleanup.

Most importantly, have fun in the kitchen! Cooking can be a relaxing experience if you just take the pressure off of yourself. You can put on some good music, or crack
open a bottle of wine and throw yourself a cooking party. And remember, it’s not rocket science! You can always start over if you mess up. Just be kind to yourself throughout the process.