Let’s be real; who wouldn’t want to consume a diet full of fat? As good as it sounds to some of us, it may not be that appealing to all. Our bodies are all different and although some may thrive on a high fat, low carb diet, not everyone can nor do they choose to. So what happens when you decide to adopt a keto lifestyle but you’re the only one in your house doing so? You don’t necessarily want to spend too much time in the kitchen preparing meals to suit everyone’s individual dietary needs. You want to be able to make delicious, nutritious meals that can be altered to work for those who are not going on this journey with you, but how? I’ve come up with a few ways to alter your keto diet to make it “universal” in your household!

  1. Make your source of fat easy to substitute – One of the easiest sources of fat for keto is fatty meat like steak, ground beef, and pork, to name a few. But instead of consuming a high-fat meat, why not substitute it with lean meat and get your fat from sources like oils, avocados, nuts, and seeds. Using these sources will make it easy for your significant other or family members to avoid the extra fat intake.
  2. Plan ahead – With careful planning, you can be sure that every night there will be options that both you and your spouse/family can enjoy, whether they’re eating keto or a balanced diet. To make it more inclusive, you and your family can also meal prep together. This way, if they have to have different meat or veggie options, they can prepare them for themselves, which will prevent you from having to cook lots of different meals.
  3. Eating out? Look at the menu beforehand – If you decide to dine out or get takeout from a restaurant, make sure there are keto options there for you as well. This will prevent you from having to sit and watch your spouse/family eat but not be able to participate because there were no options for you.


In addition to these tips, there are keto recipes that you and your significant other can eat without having to alter anything! They’re healthy, contain healthy fats, and are simply delicious! Check them out!

Avocado BLT:



Flourless Chocolate Chip Cookies:



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