Believe it or not, the Kentucky Derby is being held September 5th and what better way to kick it off than with a celebration of one of the most important parts. No, I’m not talking about the horse racing. I’m talking about the food! This world-famous annual event comes with many traditions and the food is one of them. Every year Kentucky residents kick off the races with some of the most popular, traditional dishes of the event, and this year, I’d like to do the same! Since most of us probably aren’t attending the races due to everything going on in the world, I’ve decided to do something fun for those who are staying in and celebrating the Kentucky Derby from the comfort of their own home or the homes of friends and family!

On September 4th, I will be hosting a live cooking class featuring some of the Kentucky Derby’s star favorites: the Kentucky Hot Brown, (non-alcoholic) Mint Julep, and, drumroll please…a twist on the Kentucky Derby Pie: A Derby Pie Smoothie! If you’re not familiar with any of these dishes (I won’t hold that against you), let me give you a brief description of what they are so that your taste buds can get an idea of what they’re getting themselves into!

  • Kentucky Hot Brown is an open-face sandwich with sliced turkey and bacon on top of bread, then covered in cheesy Mornay sauce. The dish is then broiled until the bread is crispy and the sauce is brown. It gets its name because it was first served in the historic Brown Hotel in 1926, and it is delicious!
  • Mint Juleps are a Derby classic that’s pretty easy to make and sometimes, people spice it up with different fruits or even jalapeños! It’s a mix of bourbon (because, this is Kentucky, mint, and simple syrup!
  • Derby Pie was first created in the 1950s and it consists of chocolate, walnuts, pie crust, and some other things to hold it together. This year, however, I thought I’d do a twist on the sweet, traditional favorite and throw it in a smoothie!

If you plan on staying in on Derby Day or if you’re attending a derby party, join me for this fun cooking class so that you can impress your family at home or take some of these favorites to your gathering! Sign up here so that I know you’re coming and I can’t wait to see you all there!