Carbs are one of the most demonized substances in the health industry. Should you be concerned about your carb intake, or is the negative connotation a big scam?


Sweeteners come in all shapes, sizes, and forms. There are liquids, powders, grains, cubes, naturals, and synthetics. It is everywhere!

The Good Side of Sugar


Your body needs carbs. Going completely carb-free as a permanent lifestyle is not only a pointless endeavor – it’s harmful. Your brain, your cells, and other functions in your body rely on the bursts of energy that properly measured amounts of glucose provide.


After eating, your body breaks down the nutrients and distributes glucose – found in carbs – to each of your cells. Without it, cells can begin to die off and lead to unconsciousness. 

The Abusive Side Of Sugar


When you consume too many carbs in the form of sugar, your brain gets excited! It sets off your dopamine receptors, and lets you know it LOVES this phenomenon. When consuming synthetic carbs/sugars, those are scientifically designed to be more addictive than opioid drugs! The chemical reaction is dangerously similar. 


Natural sugars found in real foods are your safer bet. When I say real foods, I mean the ingredients. Foods are ingredients. They don’t need ingredients. Whole foods like fruit plucked right off the tree, vegetables, starches, and grains that come from the ground, etc. These are the nutrients God designed to be compatible with your body. Carbs are necessary for your body’s daily function, but overdoses and synthetic sugars are harmful, not only destroying the benefits, but putting you at grave risk for debilitating mental disorders, deadly diseases, and poor physical shape. 

How Can You Balance Your Relationship With Sugar?


Kicking sugar intoxication can be difficult, but if you’re willing to put in some legwork, your relationship with carbs/sugar will grant you more control with your relationship with food as a whole, ultimately leading to a more agile, enjoyable, and impactful lifestyle. 


I created my Sugar Reset to help busy moms like you have a safe place to land, be honest about the emotions surrounding sugar – because let’s be honest, food is a very emotional topic – and uncover the path to physical, spiritual, and emotional freedom from their sugar addictions. This is a 30-day course designed to reset your brain, give your body a break from handling the harms of high sugar intake, and bring healing to your whole being – even beyond your physical form. 



We begin with mindset work before we even touch food. If your mind isn’t on its way to your determined goal, you will never get there. 


Once you have mastered your mindset, you will receive plenty of lifesaving recipes to help you along this journey – including sauces and sweets. You will be a part of a community of like-minded women with the same goal, sharing wins, growth opportunities, positive reinforcement, and wisdom! 


“The freedom I experienced after detoxing was unimaginable. I hadn’t felt that great in a while and the information I learned changed how I see food in general!” -Juandalynn H.



You can heal your relationship with carbs. You have the power to give your body what it needs to extend the quality and quantity of your life. If you have questions, book a consult, or connect with me on Facebook or Instagram


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