Intimacy Begins in the Kitchen

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Intimacy Begins in the Kitchen

1 Corinthians 13:4-8a

What’s on the Menu…

Appetizers don’t just hold you off until the main course, they introduce your palate to all of the glory that resides in the entrée. From the savory bacon to the tangy goat cheese to the sweetness of the date, our bacon-wrapped goat cheese dates inspire and excite your palate to anticipate what is to come.

Love cocktails? Get festive with our tasty spin on healthier options; all the flavor plus nutrition.

Our newest creation is soon-to-be our most sought-after drink. The Blackberry, Lemon, Thyme  Spritzer is a tart, sweet, fizzy mocktail that is sure to please. 

The main dish should speak to your soul. Nothing speaks to the appetite like a savory spinach dip. Now imagine that dip rolled snuggly into a delectable  lasagna dripped in a tomato pasta sauce.  It is aromatic and undeniably rewarding to the stomach and taste buds alike.

Have you ever had our Twist and Shout Greens? If so you know how delicious and nutritious they are. Well, this is a 2022 twist on those greens. We haven’t quite given this a name, but I am so sure your palate will agree this dish should be called…DELISH!

Desserts should be decadent, delicious, and undeniably fun to create. Who said sweets couldn’t be healthy too?

Top off your evening dinner with our cinnamon apple delight. It is the perfect amount of seasoning with the satisfying taste of warm apples under a canopy of whipped topping.

In this Class you will


Create a 4-course meal to include:

  1. An appetizing appetizer
  2. A melt-in-your-mouth main dish
  3. A decadent dessert
  4. A Mocklicious mocktail


Your Experience will also entail

  1. Culinary instruction from Sakinah B.
  2. Nonperishable food ingredients delivered directly to your door
  3. Tips on how to enjoy your time cooking, but spend less of it in the kitchen. 😉
  4. Interactive games & prizes
  5. The opportunity for a private zoom room for you and your virtual companions
  6. A special Intimacy Begins in the Kitchen Valentine’s or Galentine’s edition gift box full of premium bonuses and goodies
  7. Q&A time at the end of class

*Each participant is responsible for purchasing their own perishable food ingredients.


Details &




Galentine’s Day


When: Friday, February 11, 2022

Time: 7 pm EST

Where: Zoom from the comfort of your home


Details &




Valentine’s Day


When: Saturday, February 12, 2022

Time: 6 pm EST

Where: Zoom from the comfort of your home






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