Next Steps

Step 1

  • Register your email to receive the zoom link.
  • The event will be virtual, but the Intimacy Box (see step 2) will help you continue to create “non-virtual” events with your girls all year long.

Step 2

  •  Between February 1-10, be on the lookout for your Intimacy Kitchen Gift Box (free with your class registration). In it, you will find your nonperishables and a shopping list of perishables to purchase. Check that all contents are enclosed.
  • Are you having your BFF’s over to join you and your companion? Get them their own Intimacy Kitchen gift boxes here. Purchase bonus aprons, a keepsake recording, and even reserve your private zoom room for those friends joining you virtually, to continue in the fun.


Step 3

  • Purchase your perishable items (ingredient list here) the week of the event. Prepare your cooking area. Create as much space as possible. Put all nonessential items to include appliances away. A clean, clear kitchen makes cooking much more enjoyable and less hazardous.

Then sit back and relax and get ready to have a Valentine’s night you won’t forget.

We look forward to seeing you on February 12, 2022, @ 6 pm EST