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You Are Over Scattered, Iffy Information

You’ve read the books. You’ve wrecked the internet. You follow the doctor’s orders to the best of your ability. You want to implement healthier habits for you and your family. But the information feels chaotic and choppy. You’re struggling to separate the truth from the lies. 

The internet is full of “health advice.” Isn’t it time to stop wasting time on fad information and gain direct access to historic, scientifically proven information you need to experience true healing and enjoy wellness?


Cigarettes used to be viewed as healthy for crying out loud. This is not about what’s new and fancy, this is effective, centuries-old wellness.

Let’s Chat About It!

Don’t know what to eat, when to eat or how to exercise for optimal health? 

Are you tired of wasting money on ineffective crap that only patches the underlying problems while they grow worse?

What if someone walked alongside you to help you expose the lies on your food labels (like when organic is still toxic), understand which supplements are beneficial and those that are just straight trash, and learn to quickly prepare healthy, delicious food beyond grass and seeds?

Hello, I LOVE food, GOOD food, REAL food in all of its forms. We don’t play that deprivation mess here.

Sounds like heaven, right?

Well, grab your Costco card and snatch your AirFryer out of the box because heaven made a second home on earth – after Costco, that is. This is your golden ticket to affordable coaching opportunities, cooking classes, and the best dang group of healthy ladies you can find!

*Let Me Innnnnnnnnn!*

I Don’t Know the Right Steps to Take to Get Healthy.

When it comes to improving your health, you don’t waste time on excuses and sugar coating. You want honest, actionable advice that you can actually use. 

Besides sugar is bad for your health anyway. 😉


Is iHeal the right MEMBER COMMUNITY for me?


It’s time to get serious about your health and your family’s health. But it is also time to quit depriving yourself of things you like in the name of health.




You crave a like-minded community that also wants easy, fun, and tasty ways of getting yourself and your family on the right track towards achieving your goals.





Here’s how it works:

In this monthly subscription, you receive access to live events and resources that help you live a healthier, richer, better life, such as:

  • Hot topic masterclasses 
  • Coaching and informational guides
  • Q&A’s
  • Recipes and pop-up cooking classes
  • Free and members only pricing for live and public events
  • A community of health-minded individuals who want to live life to the fullest just like you
  • Freemiums 
  • And more

The iHeal community is your health education haven

We all have a lot going on. When life gets busy, our health suffers. 

Hormone imbalances

Bloating, fatigue, irritability, hair loss, palpitations, mood swings, problems with blood sugar, trouble concentrating, infertility.

Upset gut, food allergies and sensitivities

Pain, diarrhea, bloating or excessive fullness.


Can interfere with your ability to do daily activities, take care of yourself and others.


Performance issues, reaction time delays which can lead to accidents,
mental health issues.

Joint pain

Performance issues, muscle weakness, extreme discomfort, debilitation.

Weight gain or unsustained weight loss

Lethargy, diabetes, heart disease, strokes, cancer, mental health issues.

Brain fog

Performance issues, memory issues, poor concentration and focus.

Mood swings

Performance issues, mental health issues.

We face more stress than ever.


It takes a toll on every aspect of our lives.


But the truth is you are not alone.

Why Today Matters!


Take a minute to envision yourself in ten years. What do you see?


Most of us don’t imagine ourselves debilitated by our health but if we aren’t making our wellness a priority then it is a possibility!

You are the ONLY YOU you will get for the

rest of your life.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is difficult.

It doesn’t matter how motivated you think you are; it can be very difficult to keep up with the latest health trends, stay motivated and keep learning about keeping yourself healthy. 

We are here to help!

In the iHeal Community, we come alongside you to give you the information, tools, and community you need to heal and thrive.




What awaits me in the

iHeal Community?

What You Will Discover

  • A platform to empower you to find and achieve better health for you and your family
  • A like-minded community to walk this journey with you
  • An abundance of resources and premium content that’s exclusive to the platform
  • Training on how to stop questioning what to eat, because you will have the power to make better choices every day
  • How to cook quick, budget-friendly meals that bring about health and longevity
  • iHeal is on demand. We are available to you on your schedule, on your computer, or on your smartphone. You get what you need, when you need it.
  • Members get to enjoy and learn more about different ways and how to live a healthy life with improved wellness.
  • It’s like having a best friend, a coach, and a mentor all in one place.
  • You can have your questions answered, get spurred on to do more, and always be evolving – that’s value for money if you ask me!

The Tools that Will Fuel Your Success

Community Support

A community of health-minded individuals who want to live life to the fullest just like you


Guides & Freemiums

Your iHeal community reference library to view at your leisure. Freemiums & bonus content only available to iHeal members

Member-Only Pricing

Free and member-only pricing for live and public events


24/7 Access to the iHeal with Sakinah B. Community Facebook group

Live Coaching

That includes; pop-up cooking classes monthly masterclasses, and Q&A sessions

What are you waiting for?

We’re here to help you live better, feel great, and do more of what you love.

Heal your mind, body, and spirit with iHeal.