Remember all those delicious snacks you ate as a kid? Back in the day, you didn’t worry about labels, calories, hidden sugars, or fat. You just enjoyed the deliciousness that your mom packed in your lunchbox or that she let you throw in the shopping cart during one of her trips to the grocery store. Ah, those were the days! But today we are living in a totally different world and everything has changed significantly especially food. What some consider necessary advances in food preparation are actually processes implemented that pump our bodies full of harmful chemicals, all in the name of convenience. Food additives, artificial sweeteners, and colors are wreaking havoc on our bodies and unfortunately, they’re included in almost every pre-packaged food you find on the shelves.

At the same time, a diet consisting of solely meat, fresh fruit, and veggies can get kind of boring, especially if you are not feeling consistently inspired. It is even more compounded when you recall the deliciousness of hot pockets, creamsicles, and caramel popcorn! I don’t know about you, but to me, there was nothing easier or tastier than being able to pop a little pocket-shaped piece of dough, filled with the ingredients of your favorite pizza into the microwave, only for it to be ready in under 3 minutes, just in time to sit down in front of our favorite t.v. show. Or what about being in your neighborhood playing after school and hearing the ice cream truck rolling down the street? You didn’t think twice about the additives in a popsicle. You just knew they were delicious and a nice relief on a hot, summer day. Well, what if I told you that you could still enjoy some of those flavorful childhood snacks without all the dangers of the added chemicals? You know we’re not in the business of teasing you here at CGE and there’s no way I’d leave you drifting through the halls of nostalgia without a few takeaways! Below, I’ve listed a few of my favorite foods from childhood updated with ingredients. Let me know which ones you would like to see us make in a video just for you. Let’s take back our food and do away with the dangerous chemicals that reside in them.

Homemade pizza with real ingredients – (Move over hot pockets!)

  • Organic flour or self-rising flour (if you are in a hurry)
  • Pizza yeast (no need if using self-rising)
  • Salt & fav seasonings
  • Toppings of your choosing

Join my son and I this Saturday as we make these from scratch, live. All are welcome. Register here

Homemade “Ice cream truck” creamsicles

  • Oranges or mangoes
  • Bananas or coconuts
  • Coconut cream or Greek yogurt
  • Coconut sugar or honey 
  • Lemon zest & vanilla extract

Directions – Mix all ingredients, place in popsicle containers and freeze until hard

Stovetop caramel tin popcorn

  • Organic Popcorn kernels
  • Coconut oil
  • Honey 
  • salt

Directions – Add coconut oil in a pot on medium-high heat, add kernels, cover, when popping slows turn off the heat add salt and honey

And there you have it! Most of these ingredients can be found in your regular grocery store or online. Enjoy!