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Move beyond just existing. Find your thriving point through simple, individualized methods to enrich your wellbeing and create a legacy of health.


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You’ve got a lot on your plate.

You’re achieving so much, balancing a thriving career, a family, and so much more! It’s tempting to reach for drive-thru foods and quick-fix pills in small pockets of time. However, your health means more to you than that. You’re ready to free your body of aches, pains, and illness. You’re ready for true preventative care. 

At Holistic Coaching With Dr. Sakinah Bunch, we’re not just handing you meal plans and exercise routines. We’re showing you how to get healthy on your own terms. From our personalized coaching to our Reset programs, you’ll receive information specific to YOU! Not only will you learn to manage or eliminate the stress, fatigue, and burnout holding you back from reaching your goals, but you will gain habits that feel natural and give you the clarity you need to achieve your ambitions.

Food is an integral part of our lives. We celebrate with it, we seek comfort from it, and we even use it as a recreational activity. But what happens when the normalcy of culture gets disrupted and we must seek new ways of relating to food?


What happens when the very thing that brings us such comfort and joy turns into a weapon of mass destruction?


This is where the story of Cleangoodeats, LLC begins.

Meet Sakinah B.

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Step 1

Schedule Your 1:1

Here you will have a 20-minute needs assessment session, where we will talk about your current condition(s) and goal(s) you would like to work on and move toward.

Step 2

Choose Your Plan

The results of the 1:1 will help determine which coaching plan is right for you. All coaching plans are customizable to suit your needs both in the present and to help you attain your future objectives.

Step 3

Reach Your Goals

We work in tandem with your healthcare provider to ensure you stay on track. To achieve success, accountability, support, and education are necessary tools for your wellness long after your personalized coaching experience ends.



Every person is an original with a unique composition and specialized need. There is no one size fits all cookie-cutter prescription. Each person receives an assessment based on his or her situation and condition. From that session, we form an intuitive health & wellness treatment program specific to the needs addressed.

I work independently and alongside healthcare professionals to assist in the continuity of your care.  


What People are Saying

“More results with Sakinah than anywhere else.”

I’ve had more results doing this than any other program or fad diet. I have lost over 90 pounds.”

Lisa J.

“My life has changed.”

Sakinah’s programs are life-changing. I learned so much. My fatigue, headaches, and bloating are gone.

Juandalynn H.

“I never felt judged.”

Sakinah works with you to help you understand yourself and your thought process.

She helped me understand the root of my eating habits from a loving place. I never felt judged

Jacqueline B.

“My skin is gorgeous!”

I could not believe how quickly I saw my skin clear up, my eyes whiten, and 15 pounds leave my body! My stove was like ‘oh, you still live here?! That’s wild.’ and now I’m consistently making easy, delicious dishes that I know are good for my body.

Darla S.

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