What a year 2020 has been! Personally, I have experienced so many shifts, areas of drastic growth, transitions, and transformations. This year has pushed me to look at life with brand new eyes. I have strengthened some relationships and let go of others. Cleangoodeats is now Holistic Coaching with Sakinah B. 

Through those struggles, I grew in multiple facets of my life, which transcended into our HCSB community.







The year began on a rocky start, as my husband and I continued his battle with cancer. We were fortunate enough to celebrate our friendship, and marriage in our Intimacy Begins In the Kitchen cooking class. Omar often accompanied me to cooking classes, but this, our biggest annual event, was his favorite!

My heart is full of joy knowing we were able to share that night. His health was on a scary rollercoaster. Our involvement with CGE was minimal to focus on doing all we could to heal him.

By April, Omar was healed on the other side of eternity, excited to be with the Lord.


By May, I will be completely honest; I wasn’t sure what to do. Omar was such an instrumental part of Cleangoodeats and my life.  

My family dynamic had shifted, and I found myself in a place I had never imagined myself being.

Leaning into the Lord and my circle of praying friends, over time, I gained some direction and got to work with my marketing team, developing refreshing and exciting ideas. 

Additionally, I closed the chapter on military living and bought a house. As a military family, the majority of the time, we kept the house as simple as possible in constant preparation to move out from the day we moved in. We never painted the walls. We never bought nice furniture or anything of high value because we trusted the movers to break everything-and they did! 

In my new home, I intentionally made it a home for myself, my son, and my dogs. This was our necessary investment in our well being. God truly outdid himself giving us the best neighbors we could ask for, too! Everyone needs to commit to necessary investments into their well-being.



The final quarter of 2020 is where the vision became 20/20! As a company, we shifted our mindset and focused on the whole woman, the family’s cornerstone. We changed our brand image, enhanced our mission, and launched our skincare line, which has been in the works for 3 years. We ended the year strong with our 12 Days of Christmas giveaway and our upcoming New Year’s Eve Charcuterie class, ringing in the new year the right way! 


What’s Coming in 2021

We have a plethora of exciting things planned for this year!

We will be continuing our improved coaching, cooking classes, and virtual events. 

Some new things to keep an eye out for are:

New Cooking Series

My daughter and I will be collaborating in the kitchen, attempting to copy online creations! She is a recipe follower. I am not. We’ll see what happens…

Sugar Detox

As a health coach, I realized no matter how amazing a formula is, it’s worthless without proper preparation and mindset. The Sugar Detox with Sakinah B. is designed to improve your mindset and relationship with food first to give you dynamic results of which you’ve only dreamed!  Hear what our clients are saying. 

Restaurant Reviews

Louisville has some of the most delectable and eccentric restaurants in the nation! We’re going to tour restaurants and leave reviews, tips, and tricks on staying healthy while eating what you want!

Skincare by Sakinah B.

We have been blown away by the support and love you all have shown these new body butters. The secret ingredient that has no substitute is love. In 2021, we’ll be releasing new scents and products regularly! You don’t want to miss out, so make sure you’re in our email community.


We continue to be blown away by how our community is taking the initiative, gaining control of their lives, and becoming stronger. We want to share your inspirational stories and accomplishments. We’re a community of cheerleaders for one another. 

2020 was a challenging year full of heavy hearts, disappointment, and ruined plans. It was also a year to realign priorities, reconnect with gratitude, and rise like the Phoenix, discovering strength in overcoming obstacles. We’ve found that the strength and community we’ve experienced in 2020 will transcend into 2021, making it a year to celebrate!

You are uniquely remarkable!

Happy New Year,

Sakinah B.

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