2020 was quite a year. While we learned to pivot and adjust to “the new normal,” we strengthened our roots to make 2021 the year it was. Even in the wake of unfathomable loss, new relationships were formed. Whether virtual or in-person, we found ways to build each other up, focus on our wellness, and realign our priorities. 2020 was our reset year. 2021 has been our year to reclaim all that was taken from us. This year we have found beauty in ashes and discovered healing. Even if we don’t feel whole yet, and even if we don’t have our answers yet, we’ve at least found the right questions to ask.

For Holistic Coaching With Sakinah B., it’s been a phenomenal season of embracing change, setting goals, and achieving them. You know the beautiful thing? Each goal I achieve brings others up with me. The more I learn, the more I have to offer; the more I attain, the more I get to give. 

At HCSB, we’ve introduced new programs, refined the ones you love, and we’re continuing to improve your premium experience in everything we do! Here’s what’s coming in 2022 to help you reset, restore, and reclaim!

iHeal Membership.

I’m going to bet you’ve definitely googled your symptoms and been given a diagnosis of death within a week and complete doom at least once in your life. Pinterest has literally suggested my daughter put peppermint directly on her eyeball to solve her allergic reaction. To be fair, she wouldn’t have an eyeball anymore, so yeah, I guess she won’t have to deal with its swelling for the rest of her life! 

It’s no secret that the internet is full of information from questionable sources disguised as geniuses and I’m tired of seeing my people get trapped in harmful or useless misinformation. iHeal is our new community that gives you access to a premium subscription-style community where we dive into the information it took me insane amounts of mentorship, money, and years to find. 

We’re no longer settling for quick fixes and prescriptions that eliminate the pain behind the problem, we’re equipping you with the tools you need for true preventative care that can save you years of physical and emotional struggles, unimaginable amounts of money, keeps the precious lives around you (to include yours) around for years to come. In iHeal, you’ll find:

  • Monthly topics
  • Q&As
  • Cooking classes
  • Exclusive members-only specials
  • Masterclasses
  • Relationships with like-minded women (because friend-power is stronger than will-power, and your circle normalizes your everyday choices.)

Sugar Detox Reset With Sakinah B.

I love hearing people call our relationship with sugar exactly what it is: an addiction. In quarantine and post-quarantine culture, emotional eating has undoubtedly been at an all-time high. I’ve been there. I heard someone who used to be addicted to drugs say that the hardest part of getting over their addiction wasn’t the drug itself, it was the memories of when they were high. They missed the people, the jokes, and all the “good times” they had when they were high. However, in their sobriety, they realized some of the “good times” also included a lot of pain and suffering that was glazed over in the romanticization of longing. 

Unfortunately, food can be the same way. We love the memories attached to nostalgic dishes and sweets. They remind us of good times with friends and family. Certain snacks might remind us of a friend, a favorite teacher, or special moments with family. The beautiful thing about the Sugar Detox Reset coming in January is that we don’t focus on what you can’t have. You will receive everything you need to strengthen your mind, and then learn how to prepare the foods you love in a new way that improves every aspect of your life, and potentially the lives of those around you. You will have a cohort of women striving for the same goal, determined to achieve success. This isn’t a diet, it’s a detox leading into a transformation in how you see food. 

“I could not believe how quickly I saw my skin clear up, my eyes whiten, and 15 pounds leave my body! Before the Sugar Detox Reset, my stove was like ‘oh, you still live here?! That’s wild.’ and now I’m consistently making easy, delicious dishes that I know are good for my body.” -Darla S. 

Intimacy Begins In The Kitchen.

IT’S COMIN’ BACK BABY!!!!!!!! The event of the year is coming to you live and virtually! Whether you prefer to join us on-site or in the comfort of your home, the Intimacy Begins In The Kitchen cooking class will deliver a luxury experience to you and your honey. 

Even if the only candlelit dinners you’re used to are the ones one of you lit on fire before the food made it to the table, this class makes it easy to whip up a steamy dish and the ultimate dessert afterward! *wink wink*

90-Day Reset Graduation Retreat.

This move has been in the works for quite some time now. It has been a burning desire of mine to lavish my clients in a luxurious retreat. I have learned so much and listened intently to what you have told me you’d like to see in a service of this magnitude. Ladies, it’s happening!!! If you’ve been a part of my 90-day reset, or join this year, in October 2022, you are invited to the Reset graduation retreat. It will take place in the beautiful state of Georgia on grandeur, peaceful and quiet grounds full of nature. 

You’ll have opportunities to meet the ladies you’ve connected with online for 3+ months, bike trails, have fireside chats, relax in the hot tub, or lay in your bed and do nothing – can I get an AMEN?! We’ll finally have an in-person CHOPPED Challenge, games, and guided reflective time to truly realign ourselves.

I am beyond excited to share this year with you. Every year can be our year with intentionality, grace, and the right leadership and community to keep pushing us forward. In 2022, we’re coming in HOT, stronger than ever! Nobody can tell you “no” but you. This is our year to reclaim.


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