Less than half a week away from a fresh, new year, I want to take a moment to reflect on the wonderful things that took place this year. Often, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of the fresh start and “brand new everything” that we forget we’re growing. A new season might be for long-awaited growth to finally come to fruition. It’s not always about setting entirely new goals and promising to be a completely different person with new habits and a new life in one week. 

This year, I’ve finally seen growth in areas I’ve been struggling to grow for literal decades. I’ve watched the fruit of my labor begin to bloom and I can honestly say the journey was worth every bit of joy I felt not just in myself, but in the others who have been and continue to be affected by my life. Instead of adding a million new things this year, my team and I refined and improved the experience we bring in multiple programs. We added a few exciting things, and strengthened our roots in other areas. 

We started the year off strong with our new and improved Sugar Detox Reset. Every time I run this program, I am blessed to walk alongside amazing women who are claiming and understanding all the power they have over their lives. We begin with our mindset and our “why,” because this reset program isn’t about a number on a scale or fitting into clothes from college. It’s about the power of education. It’s a community of women exercising the most important form of self-care by relieving the stress and inflammation sugar causes in their bodies and minds. The Sugar Detox Reset not only teaches you how to recognize and manage your sugar intake, but it also teaches you how to ditch toxic habits simply by forming new ones that choke out the less desirable habits. What better way to start the year?!

Intimacy Begins In The Kitchen is well-known as the event of the year! A pandemic couldn’t stop the show this year; it only made it more intimate. My team spent weeks shopping, organizing, and packaging ingredients and special trinkets with care for our virtual class! From the comfort of our own homes, we played games, bonded, and cooked with love over a tastefully curated playlist. 

It was entertaining to say the least, watching some of you dancing and having a great time while you cooked, seeing who is cutthroat at the game table – my people! – and who is serious and calculated in the kitchen, also my people. The cutest part is that the focus-ers and the dancers are typically marries to each other!

In the summertime, we unveiled the brand-spankin’ new 90-Day Reset course which hit the ground running with outstanding results! 3 months fly by when you’re having fun and in each cohort, we had a blast! Contrary to our Sugar Detox Reset, this program is not about maintaining a particular eating style or detoxing. This program is purely relational and educational, giving you access to the necessary community, information, and testing to understand how to tailor your daily life to your individual body’s needs, then comfortably transition into those lifestyle choices in your own timing. This is arguably the most tailored course Holistic Coaching With Sakinah B. offers aside from 1:1 coaching, but with so. Much. MORE. 

Each student had major success stories including the ability to sleep through the night for the first time in years, renewed self-confidence, mental strength and clarity, and a thorough understanding of how to help their bodies help them. By the end of each 3-month session of this course so far, we’ve had at least two students per class who joined with little-to-no skills in the kitchen, then graduated with more confidence, go-to recipes, tips, and tricks for maintaining a healthy, stocked kitchen and stomach. They agreed “you would not believe how much money you save by not eating out for every meal or even most lunches!”

This was a year of goal setting and achieving. I encourage you regularly to share your weekly Wednesday Wins, so here are a few of my 2021 Wins – business and personal.

  • I had the pleasure of giving a TEDx Talk for the first time.
  • I now have a TEENAGER! (He’s made it 13 years. That’s a win for us BOTH. Lol.)
  • The HCSB team is growing and gelling like almond butter and jelly.
  • My walk with God continues to grow stronger, which makes me a better mom, friend, and guide. 

Beautiful things happened this year from the inside out. I cannot thank God enough for the beauty He has given for ashes, and the peace He has restored where there was unrest. I have faith that as awesome as this year was, 2022 is going to be even better. 

From the whole HCSB team,

Happy New Year!


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