Take a hypothetical journey with me.


It is New Year’s Eve. Food and drinks are flowing, and you’re stuffing your face with the last delicacies before your diet starts. If you are the parent that gave your kids a pre-recorded ball drop so they would go to be earlier and you could sneak your snacks, I have zero judgment for you, only respect.

 You have it all figured out. Once you wake up, you will be ready to start drinking fresh smoothies, and count calories to achieve your health goals for real this timeunless New Year’s Day falls on a weekend of course. In that case, you will start the following Monday. Everyone else says they’re getting healthy too, but you’re different from them because you mean it.






Fast forward a week. You are doing it. You are KILLING it! You follow a guided program’s prepped meals for the week, you go to the gym 2-3 times a week and you drink 64-80 ounces of water every day. You are happy, energetic, and spry as ever! You are well on your way to achieving your goals and you are proud of yourself.







Let’s jump forward a month. Your cheat meals are growing closer together. You’ve been suffering through this strict diet. You deserve it, right? The gym is lucky to see your beautiful face once a week…if you make it that often. Your vigor is wearing thin and your progress is slipping through your fingers.

Where did you go wrong?


Let’s go back to New Year’s Eve. Why were you binging on as many snacks as your body could hold? Why were you grappling for “one last helping” of your favorite food like you were entering a year of famine?




In your mind, you were prepared to be unhappy and deprived. You predetermined the outcome was worth the suffering, but sometimes even life-threatening situations are not enough to force you to do the right thing. You can daydream about your end result, but when the roadblocks appear, you begin to reason with yourself, and talk yourself out of the journey altogether, allowing your hard-earned progress to slip through your fingers.

Sincere wellness shouldn’t be about deprivation and forcefulness. It should be a joyful journey that will have some inevitable roadblocks along the way.




Imagine your wellness journey as a road trip. If you make all your plans at the last minute, you miss out on plenty of excursions and fun activities at your final destination that some simple research could have clued you in on. You forget basic, crucial items like shoes and undergarments. You grab whatever snacks are in sight, so you don’t even have what you want when you start getting hangry-not hungry, but HANGRY-on the road.





Doing some simple research is always helpful. Having an experienced travel agent and guide takes the trip to the next level! The agent saves you the time you’d spend researching, and shares their expert advice on how to get the best quality trip for the least amount of money. The guide takes you to all the prettiest places even the best tourists don’t know about. You have the most fun on this version of your trip because you prepared.

Your journey to wellness is no different.


You can set your goals and daydream about the end result, but when roadblocks appear like an insatiable craving or being too tired to prepare the meal at home when you’re passing plenty of fast food options that require no cooking or cleaning on the way home, it will be so easy to buckle. In those moments, the big picture won’t matter to you, especially if your progress seems like it’s taking too long anyway.



Once you work on your mindset around food and lifestyle habits, you can begin preparing for the journey. Having a guide removes a mountain of stress. As a health and wellness coach, I help you navigate the wide, confusing, and eye-opening world of holistic wellness. Together, we discuss your stressors, your relationship with food, and how to help your body without deprivation.

One of my favorite parts about helping women embarking on this journey is showing them the fun, flavorful options available to them, not only seeds, beans, and grass with sauce on it. I am a foodie. I love exploring new things and replicating them with wholesome ingredients that bring new life and edify my palette.



A lot of health experts might try to shift your mindset from eating for taste to eating for fuel. Food is fuel. It will either heal or hurt your body. Nevertheless, I’m here for the sistas who know taste MATTERS too! I will not stick to a calorie chart if I have to eat bland rabbit food all day.


P.S. I don’t count calories anyway. 


I want seasonings, spices, herbs, colors, and bursts of flavor. I want savory and sweet options. I want crunchiness, chewiness, all the things! You get it.





I love helping women discover how to feed their families delicious meals with variety and healing properties. My heart bursts with joy when moms come back to me, excited about their kids finally eating more than a banana and a cheese stick. When they begin to see the end of their child’s battle with behavioral and immune issues, all the changes are worth it. When families can save hundreds and thousands of dollars on prescription medications because they are being healed of joint pains, heart problems, chronic illnesses, and more through their food, these legacies are a blaring reminder of why I do what I do.





I want you to have the support you need to make a plan to achieve and maintain wellness. This is why I am releasing a planner designed to help you meet your goals. This is not your typical lines-and-squares calendar. 













The Reset Planner includes:

  • Positive affirmations for a healthy mindset
  • A water intake tracker
  • Goal trackers for your health and other facets of your life
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly pages
  • FOOD!!!




Okay, so you have to buy the food, but a book released in my name without some delicious recipes is a forgery. I am so excited to share this all-inclusive tool to help you reset, reclaim, and renew your mind, body, and soul.


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Bringing the family back to the table,

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