Did you have those parents who used the phrase, “Don’t do as I do, do as I say?” How about as a parent today? Have you ever found yourself thinking or saying this to your own children? Telling them that they shouldn’t be like you and do the things that you do. Instead, they should opt to do the things that you tell them to do because while you may do things that aren’t good for either of you to do, you’re an adult? Well, unfortunately, we know that children are more likely to repeat behaviors that they see, which is why when it comes to our snack choices, if ever there were a reason to stay away from junk food, your child is one of those reasons.

Think back to your own childhood. You didn’t really have the freedom to make your own food choices. Nor did you have the ability to purchase your own food. You simply ate what was available or what you saw your parents eat. The same thing is happening with your kids. They are only going to eat what’s available to them in the home or what they see you eating. Even the snacks that are available to them at school are likely to be chosen according to what they’re used to eating at home. Knowing that what you provide in the household and what you yourself choose as snacks are the two things that will most likely influence your child’s food choices, why not choose healthy snacks? Most of the time when we think of healthy snacks, we think of carrot and celery sticks and the like but
there are other snacking alternatives besides vegetables that are delicious and healthy. My daughter has an affinity for coffee. She drinks it like it is a liquid snack. Not quite sure where this affinity came from, but I do know that regular trips to Starbucks were not in the budget or in the health plan. Check out this very healthy Starbucks alternative that uses all-natural ingredients and has many health benefits too.

Healthy snacks can be just as delicious as junk food, without all the extra sugars and processed ingredients. If you get your kids started craving healthy snacks early on, you’d be surprised at how easy it becomes for them to choose them on their own as they get older!