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Coaching Services – Healthy Eating 


All of our personalized coaching sessions include:

Video Coaching – you can meet at your convenience within the comfort of your environment, so you don’t even have to get out of your jammies or expend gas to get a medical office.

One-on-one coaching – allows you the personalized attention you need and desire, so you can maximize your time and reach your goals faster.

The opportunity for hands-on learning – when you are on a mission to attain optimal health hearing is great, but doing cements the deal. Hands-on training with the option to have a grocery store tour and cooking class to round out your coaching sessions.

Allergy-Friendly Coaching

You are finding it more and more difficult to find items that do not contain allergy triggering foods in the ingredients.

Moreover, grocery shopping, meal planning, and prep feel like unpleasant chores

You are tired of always having to bring an allergy-friendly dish and that is the only dis you can eat.

The isolation at family and public gatherings can be overwhelming, reading labels has become laborious and you just want a reprieve because thinking about it all is just too much. Cleangoodeats Allergy-Friendly Coaching

Coaching Allergy Choices:

  • Gluten-free
  • Nuts (tree nuts and legumes)
  • Dairy
  • Soy
  • Egg
  • Seafood

*Coaching sessions can be tailored to meet allergy need.

Healthy Eating Coaching

Which of these “healthy” eating mistakes will you make?

  • You eat a ton of fruit in your smoothies.
  • You eat premade gluten-free pasta, bread, and baked goods because it says “healthy” on the label.
  • You choose foods based on the manufacturer’s claims and not the ingredient list.

Your coaching session Includes:

  • Quick and easy ways to shop efficiently and cook effectively for health.
  • Assistance and support with confidence
  • You will also increase your confidence in understanding the best foods to incorporate to positively impact your health even if you have no clue how to read a food label.





Sugar Detox with Sakinah B.


You have an issue with cravings, yeast overgrowth, weight and emotional attachment. Fatigue, inflammation, mood swings, brain fog, and insomnia seem to be taking over your life.

Then you have come to the right place. It is time for you to experience the ultimate in self-care in the form of the CGE Sugar Detox Bootcamp Program.

Daily Journal with Nutritional Information

  • Daily step by step instruction and motivation to support you, a great addition to your video program
  • Nutritional breakdown of approved foods
  • Sakinah B. Sugar Detox Plan Indicator – to help you determine your meal plan placement
  • Meal portion recommendations
  • Food substitutions for when those cravings hit and you don’t know what to do
  • And more

Food Relationship Coaching

Which of these “relationship” mistakes will you make?

  • You feel down so you emotionally eat.
  • You purchase for convenience over nutrition.
  • You eat the way your parents ate for better or worse and you are not sure how to break the cycle.

During your coaching sessions, you will learn to dig deep to uncover the root of your relationship with food. So that you can confront and deal with the source. You will also be given the tools you need to cope and use food for its intended purpose and not to comfort.





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