On Wednesday, we discussed the benefits of going gluten-free. We learned that gluten is a group of seed storage proteins with a sticky substance that can affect joints, neurological issues, weight, and organ function to name a few problems. The main point I want to discuss today is inflammation. The first thing gluten does in your body is cause inflammation.

Gluten has been linked by in-depth research to a host of issues and inflammation is the chief officer of misery within the body from brain function to joint and muscle pains. It’s more practical for you to cut out gluten when you understand what is happening in your body and how inflammation destroys you.

Gluten has not always necessarily been a bad thing. It has been around for centuries with minimal harm. We might ask ourselves if gluten has been around for so long, why are we suddenly fighting to cut it out of our diets? That is an excellent question! There is a long history and complex science to the process, but to summarize, the gluten we consume today is not the same gluten we have been consuming for generations. Our ancestors had a pure breed of gluten and today we consume a more hybridized version of gluten. Ever since roughly the 1940s, we have been forced to become aware of the effects this new grain hybrid has on our bodies.

Modern gluten is an inflammatory protein that begins to cause intestinal inflammation. As it continues to grow on the lining of your intestines, it will tear a hole and begin leaking into the rest of your body. Your body will begin to confuse parts of your body such as your thyroid and your joints with gluten proteins and will attempt to break them down like it would break down gluten. All the while, inflammation is now growing all over your body. This is where you start feeling you join pains, experiencing deficiencies due to malabsorption and mood swings due to improper organ function. 

Additionally, if you’re having issues losing weight, it could be that you’re attacking fat. 9 times out of 10, you’re not fat! You’re inflamed! Cutting gluten and other 

Gluten is truly a weapon to your body when the effects are not understood properly. If you have a gluten sensitivity or celiac disease-which are two separate beasts-it is important to implement a gluten-free diet. Detoxing periodically is an excellent option to give your body a break no matter what. Stopping cold turkey can cause anxiety, anger, depression, and extreme hunger, so take it easy on your body by introducing more produce to your daily diet and ween gluten-filled products out of your pantry by introducing healthy gluten-free alternatives. 

Next week, we will be going over diseases attributed to gluten. Be sure to watch your email for it!