I LOVE my all-natural supplements! Because of this industrially driven world, our bodies are exposed to way more toxins than God every meant for them to be exposed to. Our foods, one time full of vital vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, are now overrun with pesticides, growth hormones, food dyes, and every other unimaginable additive you can think of. Glutathione is an antioxidant (a powerful one) found in every cell in the body and it’s one of the supplements I live by. It is made of amino acids and it is one of the only antioxidants that the body is able to make in the liver.

Glutathione has many life-giving benefits to our health used for a variety of ailments and diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts, asthma, hepatitis, and Alzheimer’s.  It comes in a variety of forms to include inhaler, liquid, and pill forms. I currently take the liquid form. I have a thing about swallowing pills. For some, it is an acquired taste. Personally, I think the liquid form tastes like watermelon but a friend of mine who also takes it thinks that it tastes more like watermelon dirt! Either way, it has benefits that could greatly aid in boosting and repairing our health.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Prevention of cancer aggression – Some research shows that glutathione may play a role in preventing the progression of cancer however, it is also noted to make tumors less sensitive to chemotherapy.
  • Treatment of autism spectrum disorders – Researchers found in 2011 that oral glutathione could reduce some effects of autism but further research needs to be conducted in order to determine whether or not this is a fact.
  • Reducing oxidative stress – Oxidative stress happens when the body produces more free radicals than it’s able to fight off and could be a precursor to several diseases. Enter glutathione. It raises antioxidant levels in the body which aids in making the body more resistant to oxidate stress.
  • May help fight against autoimmune disease – Because glutathione reduces oxidative stress, it helps to fight off autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, celiac disease, and a few others.

Our bodies decrease in glutathione production as we age so it can be very advantageous to pick up some supplements. Not all supplements are created equal. If you have a doctor who is well versed in natural supplements and can direct you to some great companies to purchase from, you are way ahead of the game. However, if you are like most of the country, you may need to seek a little help in this area. If you like liquid, and the taste of watermelon dirt, you can research the one I take, Tri-Fortify, by Researched Nutritionals. You can find it at quality natural medicine clinics, or online through reputable distributors nationwide (ask your doctor for distributor names).  I hope you will look into incorporating this into your routine, it could help boost your quality of life!

*Disclaimer: always ask your doctor before starting any new supplement regimen.