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Our events are fun-filled, interactive, and very informative.  

Sakinah Bunch Events

Bringing the family back to the table is our mission. Each event has this focus in mind.

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Starts: April 10, 2021

Did Someone Say Kombucha? 

You want to be healthy, but you want a drink that tastes good. You like the fizz in your soda, but soda has way too much sugar and packs on the pounds. You’ve tried Kombucha, but it is way too expensive in the stores and you are not sure how you really feel about it. 

Join us as we make  EVERY TIME perfect Kombucha, a fermented tea, with many health benefits. You will learn how to make a variety of flavors to satisfy a plethora of palates for pennies on the dollar in the comfort of your own home. 

Your family will love it. Less Sugar! No Guilt! 

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Starts: May 8, 2021

Moms, the Spice of Life

Breakfast in bed on mother’s day is a treat, well on any day for that matter? When my children were younger it was more burnt toast and jam, but I choked it down nevertheless. As moms, that’s what we do right?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a mother’s day breakfast that you could joyfully eat, and not choke down with a half-hearted smile? We will be playing in spices and creating marvelous masterpiece dishes. You will learn how to whip up a variety of dishes using must-have herbs and spices to include in your seasoning repertoire. Bring your kids and if you want to share…bring your hubby too.

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Starts: June 12, 2021

Summertime is FUNTIME

It is time to get out, soak up all of those healthy rays, and enjoy a picnic. 

Discover how you can get the most from your meals to properly break down and consume your nutrients. Our bodies were not designed to process supplements. They were designed to extract our vitamins and minerals from the food that we eat and the nature around us-from the ground to the sun. Join us in this class where you will learn which foods pack a power-punch of nutrients, which ones don’t, and how to prepare them all irresistibly.

Your family will love it. No Gluten! Less Sugar! No Guilt!

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Client Testimonials

 The class was very fun, interactive and Sakinah was very professional. Teaching us a better way to eat healthier and still have foods that taste so delicious. I can’t wait for the next class! I’m glad I attended.

- Nikki Jackson

Sakinah provides awesome knowledge, information, and legitimate concern for people’s wellness and life improvement. The real deal!

- CP Strain

Meet Your Instructor

Sakinah Bunch

Sakinah Bunch


Featured on ABC, Boss Lady Coaching, and News Enterprise, Sakinah Bunch, is the CEO of Cleangoodeats, a #1 Bestselling Author, Rainbow Blossom Wellness Ambassador, and consultant for the American Heart Association. She is Relationship Health and Wellness Coach, Mentor, Army Veteran, Army spouse for more than two decades, and home educating mother of three. 

Passionate about health, wellness, and education, this Army veteran, wife, and mother of 3 is determined to expand her mission to families around the world and bring them back to the dinner table…one meal at a time. She specializes in individual and limited eating styles (gluten-free, vegan, paleo, high food allergy, and sensitivity) and loves empowering families to learn what it takes to establish healthy relationships with food and each other.

More Client Testimonials

I had so much fun cooking with Sakinah! I learned how to make the famous Hot Brown and Mint Julep drink. The dish turned out to be absolutely delicious and I ended up making more to feed my family of seven. 

Join Sakinah for cooking class. You will learn so much and your family will thank you, too.

- Jenn Ayotte

I was part of a cooking class through B-Fit. It was amazing! She did a wonderful job of explaining and instructing proper techniques. The food was great as well as the experience! Time flew by in her class and the foods were easy to replicate at home!! Fantastic time!

- Katherine Graybeal

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