Cleangoodeats, LLC is a veteran, woman, and minority-owned business. We help those, looking to improve their health, to overcome generational diseases by teaching them how to feed and care for themselves and their family, by restoring a healthy relationship with food and self.


We are unique because we are farm to table hands-on cooking studio that offers specialty and healthy cooking class options where taste and health are married. We open to the public in January 2023 and will service Hardin county and surrounding communities. We will also partner with area hospitals and churches specifically, to assist in improving the health of our community. In addition, we offer corporate and private events, a commissary kitchen rental for the at-home and food truck chef, and event photo kitchen staging.



Grain Alternative Bread Options

Our classes are fun and interactive and the variety is unmatched.

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1483 N. Dixie Blvd Suite B

Radcliff, KY 42701


Fast Food Favs Night

Burgers, Pizzas, Fries Oh My! Create some of your favorite fast food dishes with a deliciously healthy twist.


Food Reimagined

Learn about farm-to-table cuisine, the benefits of eating healthy and the basics of cooking your soon-to-be and current favorites in this interactive cooking experience.



Fresh Ingredients

Discover how easy and energizing it is to have and use farm-fresh ingredients. Not sure where to start? We’ll guide you through the process so that you can be on your way to cooking up a tasty meal.



We offer:

  • Individual and series-based weekly cooking classes.
  • Specialty and allergy-friendly classes
  • Ghost or commissary kitchen rental
  • Corporate and private events
  • Kitchen photography staging rental


A Fresh Approach to Food 

“Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates

We look at food as serving two purposes. Food is much more than something that keeps us alive. It provides us with its nourishment and energy to keep us going throughout the day, but also serves as comfort and pleasure. Food shapes our culture, values and habits. It is a source of fun and inspiration in life, helping us celebrate holidays, meet with friends and family, recover from hard times and simply enjoy ourselves. So if food holds that much value in many cultures it is important to have it be as healthy as it can possibly be while it comforts and brings people together.


Class Reservations 

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We Are Here For You

We cannot wait to serve the Hardin and surrounding counties.

Specialty Cooking Classes

We offer an array of classes from specialty eating styles like Vegan, Ketogenic, and Gluten-Free to allergy friendly recipes that are nut-free and dairy-free tailored for  you.

Corporate and Private Events

Book your next team-building or birthday party event with us. If you love to eat and are looking for a unique experience, then Cleangoodeats Cooking Studio is for you.

Commissary Kitchen Rental

Don’t have your own commercial kitchen? Need to expand to cater or prep food for sale? We are here to support you in upscaling and catering to your business needs.


Upcoming Classes

Sugar Detox Series

Cooking with Sugar Alternatives

Do you wish to eat less processed and sugar-ladened foods? Do you have spikes in your glucose or insulin and need to find substitutes that are natural and fulfilling?

Then this seminar is for you. This 1-day seminar is in conjunction with our sugar detox program run through Holistic Coaching with Sakinah B.

Quick Meals in the Kitchen

Air Fryer 101

Do you have an air fryer but are skeptical about using it? Or worse you have one but it is still in the box! Then this class is for you. Once you learn how to use an air fryer, you are going to wonder how you ever lived your life without one.

Bringing the Family Back to the Table

Sunday Supper Meals

The Sunday Supper is an age-old tradition that everyone looks forward to each week. It brings together family and friends, who can gather around the table after a long week at work or school. The delicious meals created from scratch are often simpler versions of what was served when your parents were growing up, resulting in a feeling of nostalgia for simpler times and more wholesome meals.