Living with intention in the moment

In my twenties, I was in the military, newly married to the love of my life, close with my family, and the world was full of possibilities. I worked in the medical field as a laboratory technician. I wanted to continue working in the field I was already in before entering the Army, veterinary medicine, however since there were no openings, I guess this was the next best thing. I loved specializing in animals. They were lovable, faithful, don’t talk, and were only as bad as people made them. Also, they don’t TALK! So yeah, working with people’s specimens was the next best thing.

Fast forward a decade to my thirties, I’d lost my mother and moved a few hours farther from my extended family, but I got to be the proud mother of my sons and daughter, wife to their Army father, and Independent Jewelry Consultant. My work always had a purpose. In this career, I felt lead to make women feel good about themselves. It never sat well with me whenever women would talk down to themselves, especially when I knew they could command the ground to move if they tapped into the spirit inside and chose to value themselves. Jewelry was my vehicle. Helping women love and value themselves was my destination. 

Roughly 10 years later, now in my forties, my husband has moved heavenward, and I continue to love him on this side of eternity. I know he would be as proud of our 3 children as I am. Each of them carries a spark of determination and shoots for what the average person might deem as impossible. I never thought I would be where I am today. 10 years ago, I never would have imagined I’d be working in the medical field again. It looks very different from the first time around. I wouldn’t have believed that I’d be a single mother. I could not fathom the same child that glued their hand to their forehead-not naming any names here-would be a stable adult living on her own. 


All the trials, careers, and lessons in my life brought me to this exact moment, a moment where I am continuing to educate and empower women all over the world to value themselves, but from a different angle. 

We’ve all heard the saying, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” 

When life threw our family curveballs, I realized I had some choices to make. I could see the glass as half full, half empty, or figure out how to get more water in the glass! Instead of blaming others for why certain jobs didn’t work out, it was an opportunity to find the next chapter of my ongoing purpose. When I listened, I found it! Instead of harping on my mistakes, I saw them as a learning curve and took notes. I added those lessons to my roadmap and have been able to smoothen others’ paths because of them. 

Instead of dwelling on the absence of my husband, I allowed myself to hear God’s heart and understand as much of His plan as He wants me to know. 

Where you allow your thoughts to hover determines your direction. If you constantly daydream about your younger, thinner, prettier days when you saw your friends more, you miss the goodness of where you are in your marriage, motherhood, or career. You are not fully present. You are unsatisfied with your status quo because you spend your mental space wishing life would mirror your youth.

Be intentional. Find at least one good thing about your life and focus on it. Expect to find the good in your daily life. When life is kicking you around, discover how these experiences can help you grow. Expect the lessons to guide you on a journey in your future. Bring peace, joy, and positivity into your home.

Life is not always rainbows and sunshine, but it gets easier and easier when you choose to value and even appreciate the rain.

You are uniquely remarkable,