You know how they say one of the things that causes the biggest arguments in relationships is financial matters? Well, I beg to differ because I think that one of the biggest issues that can make or break a relationship is deciding what to have for dinner on a nightly basis. Yes, I’m being facetious but think about it, how many times have you had the craziest arguments with your mate over what you’re going to eat? If you haven’t, you’re one of the lucky ones because this happens more often than not. Now imagine this: What if you or your partner adopted a vegan lifestyle while the other one continued on with a traditional, meat-eating diet?

I have heard some horror stories when it comes to couples and dinner options when one is trying to go vegan and the other continues to be a carnivore. It sounds like an easy fix I know, and it can be, but initially, it can cause quite a stir and understandably so. Think about it this way; our days are already so jam-packed that the idea of preparing two separate meals can be even more added to your plate, pun intended. But with the right perspective and careful planning, preparing vegan meals and meals that are inclusive of meat doesn’t have to be such a chore. Here are some suggestions on how to make it much easier.


  1. It’s all about perspective – What would you do if you or your partner had certain limitations to food that left you no other choice but to adapt? This happens everyday. People have severe food allergies or certain medical conditions that won’t allow them the freedom of a flexible diet. They constantly have to work around the dietary concerns of their family members. It’s the same thing with someone who decides to adopt a vegan lifestyle while their significant other maintains a traditional diet. Couples work around each other’s differences everyday. The way we choose to eat shouldn’t be any more complicated.
  2. If you’re the vegan – If you’re the vegan and you have to prepare meat for your partner, depending on your reason for going vegan, this could be a challenge for you. If your reason for going vegan is a concern for animals, then you may have to talk to your partner about preparing their own meats/animal products, while you’ll take care of the fresh fruit and veggies options for dinner. If your reason for going vegan is solely for health concerns, however, you can prepare dinner, as usual, just don’t eat the meat. If not eating meat is a struggle for you, however, then this is something you may have to deal with in your own strength. You shouldn’t expect your partner to go vegan because you’re not strong enough to do it on your own. I’ve heard of this happening and it has truly affected relationships negatively.
  3. If you’re the carnivore – If you’re a carnivore and your partner is going vegan, this could actually work to your advantage! The American diet doesn’t include nearly as many fruits and vegetables as it should. Having a significant other that decides to go vegan could introduce you to new foods and new ways of cooking!
  4. Try new recipes and make dinner fun – Surely, I can’t be the only one who gets excited at the thought of a new recipe! Because of the popularity of veganism, the Internet is swarming with yummy food options for the vegan lifestyle. To start you off, I have included a few recipes down below!