“You don’t know how enslaved you are until you experience a little freedom.”


We deal with aches, pains, and seemingly normal inconveniences on a daily basis. Some issues are unrecognizable because we’ve lived with them our whole lives. You might think you’re fine enough, but are you listening to the whispers your life sends you? Even if you think you are living a perfectly balanced life, are you positive you don’t need a reset? 


Are you sure, or are you “I-don’t-need-to-go-to-the-bathroom-before-a-roadtrip” sure? If anyone of these 5 signs applies to you, you need a reset, because if one is out of order, the rest will fall into unruly chaos. 

1. You Are Constantly Stressed


Stress happens. It should not be a state of mind or become your personality trait. We live in a culture that embraces and praises being in a constant state of stress but offers vague or ineffective methods of management. We’re taught to believe that if we minimize or avoid stress, we’re weak, selfish, or lazy. My friend, it is the opposite.


It takes courage to shed the weight of others’ opinions, and say “no” to guard your peace. By destressing your life, you are refilling your cup to be the best you can be for those you choose to show up for. Most of all, you are healing your mind, body, and soul when you adjust your approach to stress.


Living with chronic stress opens you up to:


  • Weight Gain
  • Heart Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Inflammation
  • Hormonal Issues
  • Dietary Habits
  • Sleep


When you lack coping mechanisms, you become stressed about your stress, turn to things that worsen your condition, and the domino effect grows uncontrollable. Peace becomes a pipe dream. 

2. Your Brain Is Sad or Glitchy


Your mind is the true powerhouse of your body. Nothing else works until your brain tells it to. Self-care is one of the most poorly monetized markets out there. Bubble baths and nail appointments don’t heal your brain. They don’t adjust your approach to anything, especially if you’re spending your last on those luxuries. 


Feeling sad, sluggish, slow, or completely empty is common, but not “natural.” One of my greatest pet peeves is when experts say something is natural just because it is common. You know your brain is a little broken and in need of some TLC when you begin experiencing forgetfulness, anxiety, depression, low mobility due to an unexplainable sadness, or spaciness. It can even show up as a flighty personality. 


I have had clients come to me before who have always been late, forgetful, and described as free spirits or flower children their whole lives. That became their identity. Even my precious daughter experienced this growing up and while the Lord used the opportunity to grow my patience, we struggled. Once again, just because it’s common does not mean it’s normal. 


These silent sirens get louder as they slowly build barriers and hurdles for you to jump through. Mental health whether it is simple brain fog, or an all-out disease is easier and less costly to heal than you think.

3. Your Health Is Blocking You From Living Your Life

One of my clients worked 40+ hour weeks and found herself in consistent pain. She experienced excruciating soreness in her knees, back, and stomach. She ignored it because she didn’t have the money or time to care. Eventually, she began getting migraines. Over time, they became more consistent and abrasive. Eventually, she decided to go to the hospital for those migraines. They gave her some medication for her joints and migraines, then sent her on her way. 


She wound up back in the ER 4 times in a 6 month period because her suffering was unbearable. By the 4th time, they began considering surgery on her knees and continuing medication to make the rest of her body comfortable until they could figure out what to do about the rest of her issues. She was out of work for a considerable amount of time due to immobilizing pain and hospital visits. Even with good insurance, her medical bills were starting to rack up and she knew she needed to change the course of direction because the long-term effects of the path she was on were daunting, to say the least. 


I ran some tests and we developed a realistic plan together to help her view her health habits differently, implement better ones, and rid her body of her pain from head to toe without a single surgery or pill. We fixed her problem at the root instead of silencing her body’s cries for healing. She could not believe how the answers she needed were right in front of our faces and no one suggested them. 


I share this with her permission to say this: Your pain, while common, is not normal. We were not meant to live in agony. As an ambitious woman, you have a family to care for, children to educate, and your own personal goals to achieve. None of your achievements will be sustainable if your ignored health overtakes you. 

4. You’re Developing Allergies


Here is another shocker. Allergies are not natural. Long-time readers know that I got into the holistic health and wellness space when my daughter became allergic to all but four foods and holistic wellness professionals were the only ones able to give me the tools to heal my daughter when no one else could. The most disappointing part was when we healed her of her allergies and just a few years later, she redeveloped those allergies. She still experienced severe aversions to the outdoors and animals. What was the problem? A temporary health mindset. We thought we could do a quick detox and she would be healed forever – until the next problem arose. Allergies are very preventable and curable. It’s not just a detox, though. 

5. Kids Are Driving You Crazy


The previous points effortlessly flow into this point. I know I am not the only mom who listens to second-by-second gameplays from my child about Minecraft. I know I am not the only parent dealing with post-computer time brain fog. You know the scene; you tell your child it’s time to cut electronics for the millionth time, and ask them to put their clothes or the dishes away – something simple – and they legitimately forget several times! You might think they’re crazy or ignoring you, and let’s be realistic, sometimes they are. But sometimes, they really aren’t all there, and they cannot retain a thought. Other scenarios might look like your child sitting right next to you and reacting to communication slowly, or not at all. 


If your child seems unruly or experiences mood swings, hyperactivity, or obsessive isolation, all of these are signs that their brains are ready to join you on a total health reset. It might sound like a nightmare now, but the younger you instill healthier habits, the more likely your children are to live long, healthier lives in regards to their food, activity, and interpersonal relationships. 


Wellness is the natural state of our bodies. Illness is so normalized in our society and we’ve been conditioned to quick fixes that we’re not trained to account for the long-term effects of our immediate actions. Just like my client, we move moment-to-moment, making decisions based on current circumstances.

Does Your Life Need A Reset?


I built the 90-Day Reset to help women who are sick of being in the health rat race. If you are ready to achieve true health, understand that it does not come in a pill, a fad diet, or a detox. It comes with a willingness to try new things, patience, a renewed mindset, and excitement for sincere change. Sustainable health arrives when you believe you can achieve it; when you envision it. 

In this Reset, you will receive:


  • Mindset Transformation
  • Education About Your Body
  • Nutrition Education
  • Cooking Classes
  • Personalized Health Assessment
  • Access to Hormone & Food Testing
  • A Community of Likeminded Women Ready To Support You


This is not a detox. This is is a course and community designed to support you in your health goals that introduces you to the basics of achieving true wellness. You will heal your relationships with food, others, and yourself, you will transform how you view and manage stress, and most importantly, you will be giving yourself the seemingly elusive gift of peace and joy from the inside out – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 


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