One would think that the words “healthy” and “Halloween” couldn’t possibly be used in the same sentence, but alas, there’s hope after all! For those of you who have done so well weeding sugar out of your family’s diet, the fast-approaching, candy-laden holiday can seem like a nightmare for more reasons than all of the spooky costumes. Even if you don’t partake in Halloween festivities, the temptation of candy and other sugary sweets are all over the place. Whether it be at the office, church functions, especially the grocery store, it all seems to call your name simply because it’s there. It’s even marketed in bright pumpkin orange, so you can’t miss, even though you may want to. Well, I have a few solutions for you!


For those of you who love sweet treats but don’t want to get sucked into the typical offerings of Halloween, I have some options that don’t pack on the carbs, calories, and pounds as fast as a Snickers would. I took the liberty of scouring the internet to find a few tasty treats you and your family can shamelessly enjoy this year!


  • Gummy Pandas

Gummy candies are typically packed with the 3 Cs-carbs, calories and chemicals. If this is one of your vices, you’re in luck! There are a few companies who empathize with you and created a solution. Bissinger’s Gummy Pandas are colored with fruit and vegetable juices with organic sweeteners. You can order them from their website, and get this; they come with 2 flavors in a bag! So if you favor one flavor over the rest, feel free to go for that option just because you can.


  • Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups

If Reese’s cups are calling your name, hush them up! Justin’s makes a tasty peanut butter cup containing about 5 grams less sugar per package than a Reese’s cup. They’re also made with organic ingredients. Trader Joe’s and Kroger offer an antioxidant-packed dark chocolate peanut butter cup, making those calories more beneficial to your health.


  • Chocolate Covered Nuts

Almonds, cashews, peanuts, you name it, they’re out there! Most grocery stores offer their share of chocolate covered nuts, and if you know how to keep your hand out of the container, it’s okay to partake in a serving. “A serving” equals just one, fyi.


  • Fruit and Nut Butters

You all know I love my cashews and cranberries, so it’s no wonder that bananas and cashews wound up on my plate shortly after this life-changing discovery! You can branch out and experiment with various fruit and nut pairings. Pick out your favorite fruits and try mixing them with almond or cashew butters to start. They are filled with healthy fats so be conscious of your serving sizes, but these are so much more forgiving and kind to your body than the synthetic sugars in a cupcake or candy bar.


  • Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

As always, it is wisest to take advantage of the gift of dark chocolate to make this risky snack as healthy as possible. You can try chocolates made with higher cacao percentages, but I will tell you now that it may be an acquired taste. 


These are just a few options to keep you from going over a sugary cliff during Candy eating season. You can always get creative in making your own healthy snacks. If you do, feel free to post your exciting discoveries with the hashtag #Cleangoodeats and tag us on instagram or facebook. You may be saving a family from a sugary breakdown! We would love to see your creative ideas.