My mother passed away while I was in my twenties, early on in my motherhood stage of life. Because of this, there were many things she never got around to sharing with me. She would often tell me that kids will help grow my compassion, my patience, or both. I have found it is definitely both. I have discovered, however, that as I age my compassion and patience have increased, so have my health challenges. Over the course of the next few blog posts, we will tackle the topic of what women over the age of 40 need to know. In each post, we will tackle 5 challenges and what we as women need to do. After this series, you will be well on your well to getting back 100% of your life after 40…as long as you implement the tips.

More than 90% of older adults have at least one chronic condition, and more than 75% have more than one. Did you know that women over the age of 40 have unique health issues that even men over the age of 40 do not have to deal with? Natural changes like menopause and your family medical history play a part, but a healthy lifestyle can help you stay as strong and independent as possible in the years ahead. Many of my clients, before coming to me, thought it was too late to have different health outcomes. They felt what was done was done. They, in fact, observed first hand that a healthy lifestyle can assist in overcoming and even reversing many generational diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer.

Take a look at these tips to help you maintain your health as you age.

Dealing with Menopause:

  1. Decrease Hot Flashes – Hot flashes can make you uncomfortable and disrupt your sleep. Reduce them by limiting triggers like alcohol and caffeine. Diffuse oils such as clary sage or peppermint. Dress in layers and keep a fan next to your bed. In other words, stay cool.
  2. Release stress – Stress can aggravate hot flashes and other symptoms of menopause. Meditate daily and think positive.
  3. Lose weight – Your muscles shrink and your metabolism slows down as you age. The distribution of your body fat changes too, so more of those pounds wind up around your waist, increasing your risk for heart conditions and diabetes. Fight back by eating less and exercising more.
  4. Talk with your doctor – Your doctor about treatments that are suitable for you and your lifestyle. Share your concerns and questions.
  5. Reduce your sugar and increase your fiber intake – Your metabolism slows down as you age. Plus, after menopause, women tend to gain weight around their waistline, where it can have the most harmful health effects. Sugar adds to the waistline whereas fiber detracts. Eating more soluble fiber is one of the easiest ways to slim down because you’ll feel full while eating fewer calories.

Staying informed and making healthy lifestyle choices can help you prevent and manage many of the conditions that come with aging. If you’re a woman over 40, start now to maximize your chances of staying mentally sharp and physically fit in your golden years. It is not too late.